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Women Talk Construction - with Rory Rubin of S.I. Container Builds

Episode 82: Our founder, Rory Rubin talks with the Angela Gardner and Christi Powell of Women Talk Construction Podcast fame.

Episode 82 recap: Angela and Christi speak with Rory Rubin, founder of S.I. Container Builds located in Buffalo Grove, IL. She started the aforementioned company as an inspiration to repurpose one-trip shipping containers because they were simply littering the North American shipping ports. Every structure is built to code, made to last, beautiful to live in, and double as a practice in conservation. As always, we love to hear success stories of women overcoming various obstacles to not only be successful in their respective careers but, also by helping others along the way. Rubin is one of these success stories that is sure to inspire you the way we were inspired. Thanks for listening!


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