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The Inflation Reduction Act: Seizing Opportunities for Growth

Updated: Apr 26

S.I. Container Builds is closely following the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and how the provisions within the law are being implemented in the construction sector. Builders & developers are poised to benefit significantly from the opportunities presented by the law. Here's how we can leverage the legislation to thrive:
  • Tax Incentives for Energy-Efficient Homes: The IRA offers tax incentives for constructing energy-efficient homes, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 40% for residential structures. Builders & Developers can capitalize on these incentives by incorporating energy-efficient features into their designs, attracting environmentally-conscious buyers while reducing long-term energy costs

  • Expansion of Tax Credits: The IRA extends and enhances existing tax credits, such as the New Energy Efficient Home Credit (45L), providing builders with opportunities to claim credits for constructing, reconstructing, or rehabilitating energy-efficient homes. For example, if builders adhere to the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Program, they may be able to receive up to $5,000 per dwelling unit in credits, or up to $500,000 for a 100-unit development overall

  • Cost Reduction Through Deductions: Builders can also benefit from tax deductions for installing qualifying energy systems in commercial buildings, potentially up to $1.88 per square foot

  • Enhanced Competitiveness: By embracing energy-efficient construction practices encouraged by the IRA, builders & developers can differentiate themselves in the market, attract environmentally-conscious buyers, and enhance their reputation as leaders in sustainable development

The IRA tax credits and rebates can help you afford to build green!

At S.I. Container Builds, we realize the benefits of the IRA and we are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to drive growth, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future. By understanding and leveraging the incentives provided by this legislation, we position our company for success in the evolving real estate market.

Contact us here for more information on how to grow healthy and happy communities that take advantage of the IRA.

At S.I. Container Builds, all of our appliances are energy efficient and electric.

The conversation is ongoing. We suggest you dig deeper into our sources here so you can understand the impact of this historic act:


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