Who We Are

Our Mission: to educate our community about the importance of sustainable living and minimizing your carbon footprint while offering innovative solutions to solve immediate housing needs.

Our Solution: to combat the housing crisis by building durable dwellings for community developments and rentals at an economical price and quick production rate.

Our Benefits: Sustainable. Easy install. Portable. Reliable. Recyclable. Cost-efficient. Profitable. Stylish. Low maintenance. Accessible.

Meet the Team 


Rory Rubin, Co-founder, CEO.
North America


Lauren Cain, Marketing & Media.
North America

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Dan Rubin, Co-Founder, CFO.
North America

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Julie Tegano, Operations & Customer Care.
North America

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Jamie Isberner, Operations.
North America

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Lisa Marquez, Customer Care.
North America


1087 Johnson Dr.

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


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Our commitment at S.I. Container Builds is to hold ourselves accountable in aligning our business practices with sustainable values and green efforts. We passionately conduct our business through conservation, simple living and minimizing our carbon footprints.

US Green Building Council
Canada Green Building Council


Building with recycled and reclaimed materials is just one way we contribute to the wellness of our planet. In conjunction with our values of sustainability, accountability, and giving back to the community, SICBS donates a percentage of your sale to the charity of your choice! We've always believed in a better tomorrow for our community and environment. Join us in making a difference. 

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shipping container office
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Sam: Manager at a Global eCommerce company

Recently transitioned from commuting to her office in downtown Toronto, to virtually leading her team from home.

"Having the opportunity to separate work and home life is becoming increasingly important in the wake of permanent working from home situations. Having a space like this which is dedicated to work time would be so valuable for those who struggle to focus amidst the hustle and bustle of home. I would recommend this type of unit for anyone who wants to better segment their work from home lifestyle, in order to make this balance more sustainable in years to come."

Wendy: Registered Massage Therapist & student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

"As a Registered Massage Therapist I need enough room for mobility around my table, a desk to write up my treatment notes, and a sink to wash my hands in. It was all there including a bathroom for my client's should they need it. Not to mention, having a business space where clients don't feel obligated to go through my house is a bonus!" 

shipping container office
shipping container office

Magda: Accounting Associate & Artist

Need for the ability to comfortably changeover from work in accounting to her hobby in oil painting 

"Quiet. No distractions. Inviting. Lots of natural light. It felt spacious, warm, with the right amount of energy to get creative with my latest project. I would recommend this space to anyone looking for a painting studio as an affordable option that is at home, but away from home at the same time."

Amanda: Child Development Specialist & yoga enthusiast

Passionate about self restoration after work hours so she can continue to provide her clients with the best services she can offer.

"The size was perfect for my yoga mat and stretches. There was plenty of room to move and stretch out without feeling constricted at all - the perfect space to unwind after work with minimal distractions. This is especially difficult in a house with two other people, two cats and two dogs who think the only reason I would ever sit on the floor is to be trampled and licked by them!"

shipping container office