Our commitment at S.I. Container Builds, Inc. is to hold ourselves accountable in aligning our business practices with sustainable values and green efforts. We passionately conduct our business through conservation, simple living and minimizing our carbon footprints.

Rory Rubin, Co-founder, CEO, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. North America

Rory founded S.I. Container Builds to support a need for people to create affordable dwellings that are sustainable; leaving softer footprints, never compromising beauty inside and out. She has spent a lifetime around architects and construction managers, as well as having a more formal education in art history.​

Her expertise in organizational development, sales, and culture have helped her create a business that focuses on outcomes both for the larger community and the clients themselves. She currently resides near Chicago with her husband Dan and two teenagers and enjoys off-grid camping, skiing, golf, paddle-boarding and enjoying life-long friends and family.

Dan Rubin, Co-Founder, CFO, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. North America

Dan’s passion for nature and sustainable living began over 25 years ago when he and his wife Rory traveled throughout the world. Dan believes that we have a responsibility to future generations to create a smaller footprints, but not compromising lower costs or amenities.

​Because of his MBA education and business background, Dan brings operations and financial discipline to Sustainable Imprints. He lives outside of Chicago with his wife Rory and their two kids enjoying camping, skiing, golf, cooking, and traveling.

 Matthew Roy, Co-Founder, Construction Management, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. North America (Canadian Based)

Matthew comes from a quaint town in Southern Ontario where he caught the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. He adapted his skills to start small businesses that utilize his hand-on and creative skills.

​Matthew’s passion for being in the great outdoors blends perfectly with building dwellings that match his values. He is an avid bushman and spends significant time paddling, camping, fishing, and exploring life in nature. Spending quality time with family and friends is equally as important to Matt.

Trip Hosley, VP, Business Development, S.I. Container Builds, Inc.

North America 

Trip has over 30 years of experience in sales and in hospitality, as well as in residential and commercial construction/renovation. A resident of San Francisco, Trip lives his life sustainably and believes strongly in environmental responsibility. Leaving a better world for our children to inherit is central to Trip's beliefs, and joining the S.I. Container Builds team demonstrates his commitment to doing so

Lauren Cain, Marketing Associate , S.I. Container Builds, Inc. North America

With a developing passion for sustainable lifestyles, Lauren joined S.I. Container Builds to offer a fresh perspective on branding and market presence! As she finishes up her B.A. in Communication at Michigan State University, Lauren intends to continue to contribute to the growth of S.I. and the evolution of green-living.

Truc Le,  Founder, GOLE Designs, North America

Being a valued partner to S.I. Container Builds, Truc brings ideas of eco-friendly dwellings to life through structured blueprints and realistic 3D renderings. As a talented designer, she founded GOLE Designs with a passion for contemporary home design and decor. Visit @gole.designs on Instagram to view more amazing 3D rendering work.