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Build with SICBS

How it works... 

Start By Choosing Your Build

Jumpstart your project with having a good idea of your container's purpose, functionality, and location! SICBS offers 11 models for varying container lengths of 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and Double Wide 40ft. Standard Container dimensions are 8ft wide and 9ft 6in high. 


Popular Builds

Container communities, mobile home alternatives, campground cabins, vacation homes, short-term rentals, off-grid destinations, disaster relief structures, single family homes, business office spaces.



Have Your Build Picked Out?

Examine Local Zoning Laws

As a developer, you may already be aware of your zoning requirements, but if not here is the low-down for the US: Each State and then each County or Town has zoning laws. You need to contact your local zoning office to determine if your neighborhood is container build friendly.


California has a very friendly ADU policy. They also have this wonderful website where you can start your journey.

And this Guide Book: here


Florida has this ADU guide: here


Chicago, Illinois:  here

Washington state:  here

Oregon: here


*You must fill out a zoning permit form for your county or town. Internet search: "your county" and "zoning permit" and you should find information with a link to its form. Fill out the form and send it for approval.


Once your zoning permit is approved, you will work with a General Contractor to consider the foundation for your containers. Foundation options will depend on your land's surface.

Helical Piers:  here (most popular)

Railroad Ties

Cement Slab


More Options: here

Make Design Decisions

Review your options of furnishing packages, interior and exterior paint colors, cabinet options, appliances, solar elements, bathroom finishes, exterior cladding, etc. that we will provide you during our consultation!


Power, water, and sewer solutions for your containers will depend on your zoning laws. Add solar/wind/battery power, connect to the grid, or use a generator. For water: tap into your city's main waterline or your own well/catchment system. Work with the zoning manager of your area to determine what is best. 


Your containers are built in our warehouse in 8-12 weeks! Delivery and installation depend on your land's access points, power wires, trees, obstacles, etc. We deliver via flatbed truck and will help you coordinate your professional delivery and utility hookups.

Still need more info?

Get familiar with what we build, who we build for, and how our builds serve as a solution for the dire need for accessible, economical housing! 

crane placing shipping container

Get Started Today

Getting one of our units is easy!

We are here to help you plan your container installation from zoning, to foundation, to utility hookups, to delivery. 

Contact us to walk through your options and get a quote.

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Built For Your Purpose.

Growing communities need sustainable developments. 

Growing businesses need reliable partners.

Choose SICBS.

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