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Too Good to Be True?

How quality takes a back seat for some shipping container home builders.

Shipping container homes have emerged as a captivating alternative to traditional housing options. Combining sustainability, economy, and innovation, our S.I. Container Build homes showcase the highest levels of craftsmanship and materials. With a surge in popularity over the past few years, it’s important that we outline our process and the building components that we use and, frankly, many do not use. This is important to our clients when comparing apples to apples. If it is "cheap" then it IS too good to be true. First, we are certified through NTA. This is a 3rd party quality control organization that is owned by the ICC of which we are bound. NTA steps in as the State inspectors for the location in which we are working. They provide code evaluation, product certification, inspection, engineering, plan review, and testing services, as well as independent quality and standards compliance verification for building product manufacturers. This means your S.I. Container Builds home is warrantied for all workmanship and certified to meet the highest level of building codes under ICC. It also means we are obliging the local codes. This is labor intensive and cost us money but we commit to it because we know it is important to clients as well as each State regulatory board. Most companies do not do this and it is a crapshoot for what you are actually building. We take pride in the materials we use. We use high-quality insulation. Why? To prevent condensation and moisture, period. Metal surfaces can develop condensation due to temperature differences between the inside and outside of the container. This moisture can lead to corrosion, rust, and mold growth, which will compromise the structural integrity of the container and create an unhealthy living environment. S.I. Container Builds only uses high-quality spray exceeding local R-Value codes in the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. The closed cell insulation has been proven to prevent condensation and moisture buildup and is far superior to any other insulation for heat/cool temperature control.

SICBS only uses one-trip shipping containers. They are considered almost-new and are in excellent condition. If maintained properly, one-trip shipping container homes will outlive most all other building materials giving you more equity in your home. Here’s an entire article about one-ship containers. We then provide our customers with a washed, primed, and a double coat of marine grade paint to ensure your dwelling will last. This is above and beyond! The building materials and appliances we use in our SICBS homes are of the highest quality. We partner with only the best vendors and skilled laborers and make sure we can back up our dwellings with licensed trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC etc. The rise in popularity of shipping container homes is a testament to their appeal and the growing recognition of their potential as a housing solution. Because of this, you need to work with a builder who has your best interest in mind and as a part of their mission. Your home will be worth more and will be safer if you buy a SICBS shipping container home. Do not get mislead by “too good to be true” pricing from instagram and some other home builders. Building new construction correctly may not be cheap because the devil is in the details.

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