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Integrity and Trust with SICBS

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Understandably, we cannot just tell you that you can trust us or that our business is based on integrity. We have to prove it, day-in and day-out, with our projects, actions, clients, transparency, and customer loyalty. S.I. Container Builds was founded because we wanted to make a difference — especially with the realization that helping people and caring for the planet are not mutually exclusive.

As our business matures, our purpose has attracted like minded businesses who want to make a positive impact on the health and living conditions of our communities and the wellness of our planet. [More on those exciting projects in our next blogs!]

Sustainability Building with recycled and reclaimed materials is just one way we contribute to the wellness of our planet. In conjunction with our values of sustainability, accountability, and giving back to the community, SICBS donates a percentage of your sale to the charity of your choice! We've always believed in a better tomorrow for our community and environment. Affiliations Our commitment at S.I. Container Builds is to hold ourselves accountable in aligning our business practices with sustainable values and green efforts. We passionately conduct our business through conservation, simple living and minimizing our carbon footprints.

Check out our affiliations. We are here to readjust the way people think about BUILDING and COMMUNITIES and to reconnect to a healthier way of life.

Our priority is building beautiful spaces that serve a multitude of purposes in compliance to sustainability best practices.

We do not cut corners, we are not out to make a fast buck — we are invested in a better future and our projects, products, and customer service speak to that goal. Join us in making a difference.

integrity and trust with sicbs


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