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Resolving the affordable housing crisis, the influx of immigrants, and homelessness in Chicago requires a myriad of changes to the status-quo. Building tent cities is more of a band-aid than a viable solution, however without immediate zoning and permitting reform, solutions like this become an only option — which is a waste of time, money, and respect for individuals in crisis.

Housing is the link between one’s dignity and one’s ability to survive. S.I. Container Build homes provide sound, healthy, safe shelter which are affordable, portable, and are easily expandable.

This requires a multifaceted approach:

  • Rezoning & Land Use Policies: Reevaluate and update zoning regulations to allow for more flexible land use, including mixed-use developments that combine residential and commercial spaces and allowing for tiny homes…anything 400sq ft or smaller

  • Incentivize Affordable Housing: Encourage developers to include affordable housing units in their projects through incentives, such as tax breaks or density bonuses

  • Community Engagement: Involve communities in the zoning reform process, addressing concerns of both the Nimby and Yimby movements and ensuring affordable housing is integrated into neighborhoods

  • Legal Reforms: Advocate for changes in state or municipal laws that impede affordable housing initiatives, working with local government agencies

To make significant progress, collaboration between government, nonprofits, developers, and communities is crucial. This comprehensive strategy can help Chicago overcome the challenges posed by archaic zoning laws and work towards a more equitable and housing-secure future.


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