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What is the SICBS Difference?

Updated: May 18, 2023

The SICBS difference. Simply put, we prioritize sustainability first.

Shipping container homes are a sustainable housing option for several reasons.

Environmentally friendly nature

Containers are essentially recyclables themselves, and building with them significantly reduces the need for construction materials. By choosing to reuse a one-way shipping container as a home, you are also reducing the number of shipping containers that need to be disposed of [1]. And because China sends the world much more product than it takes in, there usually is a healthy supply of one-way shipping containers. [4] Adding 'eco' elements to your build.

The ability to add solar panels and closed cell insulation to these homes makes them more eco-friendly. Due to their simple design, these additions can be made quite easily [2]. We offer a SUPER GREEN model that takes advantage of our most sustainable building materials and features. We have developed this with the Inflation Reduction Act in mind to help you determine what kind of tax rebates or credits you can get for these homes.

The large impact of tiny living. Another obvious reason is that container homes are typically small in size. Most of our developer clients are looking to build homes that are much more in tune with nature. By building smaller homes, you have an opportunity to sell to the fastest growing segment of home buyers; people looking for economical, sustainable homes. [5] Shipping containers are also completely recyclable once the home is no longer needed. It can be broken down into reusable parts like steel, wood, and appliances. [i’m mostly guessing here….need help with this point]

Cost benefits. And finally, container homes are very economical. They are cost-effective compared to traditional homes, with prices ranging from $40,000 to $180,000, depending on the size and features of the home [3]. Ultimately, shipping container homes offer a sustainable solution for housing, not only because of their environmentally friendly nature, but also because of their affordability. Contact us for a short, informative intro to shipping container homes

the sicbs difference


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