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The Scoop on Economical Housing

Updated: May 18, 2023

Shipping container homes are quick to build, reasonably priced, stand up to extreme weather and fires, and take advantage of a monumental waste product generated by the shipping industry.

Whether you call it ‘affordable housing’ or ‘economical housing’ the bottom line is that people are demanding change in the housing industry. They want fair prices, community, sustainability, and security.

Good news!

Shipping container home communities provide all of these needs.

Small home communities are popping up all over the country! They provide a solution to the missing middle home crisis, promote sustainability, boost mental health, foster community (especially when the community has car free gathering areas, gardens, greenhouses and parks), and are safe when you consider the climate change challenges like fires and floods.

With the explosive growth in tiny home communities, government grants, and recent bills helping with tax credits, it is easier than ever to develop your own economical housing community. One option is to buy your land and put only 2-4 units on it immediately, get your ROI rolling, and then add more as needed. You can get your ROI back in 3-5 years depending upon your location, rates, and whether you will be renting or selling the homes. Check out our renters ROI tool here.

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