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A Reality Check For Your Container Home Expectations!

CBS News aired a testimonial from Zack and Brie Smithey who built their dream container home in St. Charles, Missouri: a 3BR, 2.5 bath, 3,000 sq. ft., two-story structure made out of eight shipping containers.

Throughout the interview, the Smithey's uncover the realistic cost and labor it took to produce their container home. On top of doing all of the work themselves, Zack tells CBS that "people have unrealistic expectations on how cheap a container home is going to be. They forget that the expensive parts like kitchens, bathrooms, HVAC, electric and plumbing are still there."

Keep Calm, and Hold Onto Your Wallets!!

Your container plans are still possible with SICBS.

We build single and double unit container structures for people interested in affordability and sustainability. in an 8-12 week timeline.

There is still time to take advantage of the booming container market without the need for extravagant style plans, having professional contracting skills, or breaking your bank.

SICBS has made it possible to build functional, attractive, cost-friendly living spaces in shipping containers that double as a practice in conservation and simple living.

Work with us to build for your growing community needs in the form of housing developments, container communities, vacation rentals, campground dwellings, guest suites, staff housing or any alternative container space!

Watch the full story below:


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