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How We Use Cannabis at SICB

Building with Hemp products and sustainable materials is our forte!

A sustainable future for cannabis farmers is on the rise. The recent wave of policy changes in the cannabis market offers new opportunities for modern farmers to transition out of illegality and use better tools for more sustainable farming methods!... Not to mention the handful of purposes that hemp products bring to construction.

Our favorite hemp product thus far:

HempWood. In terms of quality, HempWood takes the cake by being 10 times stronger than wood fiber. In addition to being lighter and less expensive to process than wood! Crazy, right?

An interesting Hemp product we're excited to explore:

Hempcrete. A biocomposite material that can be used for walls, floors, and roof insulation. It's breathable and absorbs moisture to regulate indoor humidity!

Now, let's talk about sustainability. Modern cannabis growing techniques can consume extensive amounts of water and energy that result in a massive carbon footprint... but as the industry continues to expand, the responsibility is shared by lawmakers and business owners to make environmentally conscious decisions toward the use of natural & recycled resources.

4 ways the cannabis industry has increased sustainability :

Hydroponic farming systems: the most popular method for growing cannabis as it speeds up growth and maximizes crop yield. Hydroponic farms (especially those in shipping containers) are cheaper than other options and simple to set up whether you're a beginner or leading company.

Renewable energy sources: cannabis companies need to be doing everything they can to reduce the amount of energy it takes to run growth operations. An increasing number of cannabis operations are adding solar panels to their facilities to help reduce the need for fossil fuel energy!

Packaging: an overarching issue in the industry is wasteful packaging. Consumers and patients are required to walk away with a specific amount of plastic packaging that is only used once. Cannabis policies that account for sensible packaging requirements is critical for future sustainable practices of the industry.

Cleaning up Cultivation: it's more important than ever for farmers to use natural strategies to reduce pollution among crops grown with pesticides, synthetic nutrients, fungicides, and herbicides. Sun grown or hydroponic cannabis operations should be in a place that doesn’t disrupt the local ecosystem or require the use of these harsh chemicals.

As growers continue to make strides toward using the latest sustainable technologies to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate pesticides, it’s safe to say that the cannabis industry is here to stay.

Check out guide to growing marijuana in shipping containers (click here)

Do it the right way: if you’re looking for professional grade turnkey containers or DIY commercial shipping containers that can be repurposed for cannabis cultivation… you’ve come to the right place.

Connect with us to jumpstart your journey toward a sustainable cannabis industry.

Happy 420!



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