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Hydroponic Farms: a flourishing business!... Literally.

Shipping Container Hydroponic Systems: the most eco-friendly container solution yet!

We met up with Freight to Plate, co-founded by Jacqueline and Mary Scala, over the weekend! They are bringing chemical-free nutrients to the neighborhood by operating a hydroponic farm inside of a 40' shipping container, 365 days a year! The cutting edge farming method yields as much as 2.5 acres of farmland within a 320 square foot container space... we'll give you a second to process that.

Check out their Chicago Tribune article for more info on Freight to Plate's iconic story.

Why Container Farming?

Water & Land Conservation: hydroponic farm systems use 98% less water than soil farming.

Low Every Consumption: average power usage of a freight farm is 125kWh/day.

Nutrient Rich Produce: everything is grown in optimal conditions with organic growing solutions

Building Community: Freight to Plate farms promotes the importance of community and mental health wellness through purposeful job training and connections for local residents!



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