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shipping container home builder

In this for the long haul?
Build Long-Term Passive Income.

Join our group of leaders in developing Container Communities complete with rental homes, hydroponic farms, and walkable resources to live with a smaller carbon footprint.

These villages promote healthy & sustainable growth for our planet and wellness while providing a solution for the housing crisis. It's time to live greener, and make money while doing it.  

An opportunity to invest in your future lifestyle and wellness of our planet is here with SICBS.

Renting out shipping container units are a great way supplement income and maximize your ROI in a matter of weeks. Use the calculator tool below to map out your return on investment when you start developing with S.I. Container Builds. Start by selecting one of our models, and use the sliders to adjust your occupancy rate and daily rates. 

*use generated values as estimates

Start here.

ROI calc.
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 4.20.59 PM.png

Go Off-Grid

Rent to friends, family and/or Airbnb travelers to experience what living with a smaller carbon footprint is like.

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