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Demand For Container Communities is Growing RAPIDLY!

Updated: May 15, 2023

The rise of tiny-home communities are a social-consciousness movement and an eco-friendly architectural movement. They both promote simple, sustainable living choices, financial discretion, and bettering the mental and physical health that come with community participation and human experiences. Many people are looking for alternative home communities where they can live a more fulfilling life. Here's a few of the many reasons why people are looking to experience life in these types of communities:

  • Living in harmony with nature,

  • Sharing and caring for people and/or animals

  • Cost savings

  • Reducing capitalism stress

  • Climate change

The evidence is almost overwhelming. Tiny home sales have increased 84% over the past 20 years and are expected to grow 3.5B by 2026. States and districts are changing laws to allow for these types of building sites. For alternative home community builders, this represents a housing crisis solution that will return ROI in a few years as opposed to decades. Check our ROI calculator here. Contact us for more information. We can help you navigate the zoning, costs, planning, and materials to make your community a successful meaningful solution.


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