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Considering a Backyard Office? The time is now.

6 Ways a Backyard Office Can Improve Your Lifestyle


Who could have possibly imagined what 2020 has brought us? COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the globe, and leave permanent changes to home and work life. We’re wrestling with issues like changing work conditions, kids learning remotely, and more. With these changes, we look for any small ray of light to make our lives easier and less stressful. An area that almost all of us can relate to is the work-from-home situation that many of us unpredictably landed in a few months ago.

According to a recent study, at least 62% of employed respondents have worked from home during the COVID pandemic, compared with only 25% before. And almost half of the people working from home feel more productive there than at the office. But the downfall? A home office can blur the lines between a work life and a home life and highlight the need for your own space.

A Backyard Office Provides a Healthy Separation Between Work and Life

Having your own space to work from home is crucial. Imagine drinking your fresh cup of hot coffee, the smell wafting around you as you sit down for a productive day in your own office space, free from the many distractions to disrupt your emails and Zoom calls...! The solution, my friends, is a backyard office.

Considering how sturdy, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective they are, shipping containers are the perfect medium for this trend. Google searches for “shipping container office” have increased as much as 300% since March of this year. Whether you have been working from home for a long time or just started a few months ago, the need for designated space to work productively has not changed.

6 Reasons Why Your Backyard is Ready for a Shipping Container Office


Consider the following six reasons to jump on this trend and build a shipping container office:

1. Space: Offices are small enough to fit in the backyard of most residences, yet large

enough to meet the needs of most people. The smallest shipping container offices can

accommodate the standard office décor: Desk, 2-3 chairs, file cabinets and some

storage. Add in a TV, coffee maker, and small fridge and you may never want to leave.

It only gets better from there with larger models where you can add in a sink, bathroom

and separate lounging space. With the right placement of large windows, in the right

environment, an occasional daydream is in order. Click here to learn more about sizes.

2. Ease of build: A key advantage of using a shipping container for a backyard office is that

the structure is already built—and built solidly. One-trip containers (making just a single

journey before being repurposed) are extremely structurally sound and built to handle

weather elements of all types. Because the structure is already there, average build times (depending on the size of the office) are only about 4-6 weeks from order to placement in your backyard. The smaller models get you what you need the fastest. Plenty of options

exist for customizing your backyard office to match your lifestyle, personality, and dream design, as well.

3. Durability: Shipping containers are made from corrugated steel. Created to handle the

toughest weather, they will require the absolute bare minimum of care and

maintenance. But beware—some backyard office builders, using containers or not, provide the bare minimum of structure. Ensure that yours includes insulation, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing walls, safe electrical setup, and your favorite creature comforts.

Then, your backyard office will be able to manage the challenges of harsh weather and

climate changes—keeping you cool (or warm) and happy.

4. Permanent or not: It’s your decision. You can love your office space for the time you need it, sell it with the home or take it with you to your next adventure. Shipping

container offices are easily placed on-site and in many locations, a building permit is not required, as they are considered “sheds” for building purposes. Your shipping container

office should be built to be secure to the site it will be placed on, but this doesn’t mean

you can’t take it with you or even sell it to someone else.

5. Value Now: Now more than ever, we’re all looking for the most value for our money.

If we are able to work from home, we want to create a space that gives us everything

we want and need for a reasonable price. A backyard office, of course, eliminates

commuting time and cost, as well as parking. In addition, it is office space so it can be

deducted for tax purposes. Additionally, there are the “softer” costs: with a space

separate from your home, you will have less stress and distraction, and more privacy

and organization. Lastly, many shipping container there are financing options.

6. Value Later: Shipping container structures are versatile. Imagine 10 years from now,

when your needs have changed and you’d rather have a man cave or a she-shed—same

desire for a separate, comfortable space, but with a different form. No problem! And

as mentioned before; they’re mobile. Because they were built to travel, you can also

move it easily on a flatbed truck or trailer to another location to start anew. The

possibilities are endless.

Build the Home Office of Your Dreams and Start Your Shipping Container Transformation Today

Today’s challenges are significant, to be sure. Yet they can also be reframed as opportunities.

Creative solutions, like using eco-friendly shipping containers as backyard offices, help all of us with our needs, and help the planet as well, by recycling. And all for a very reasonable cost, comparable to buying a car. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.


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