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Building a Better Backyard Business

Is an ADU what you need to take back 2021?


2020 was the year that most of us didn’t mind saying goodbye to. We’re all ready for a break from the global pandemic, a faltering economy, and political instability etc., etc., Over the holidays, we took a collective sigh of relief--or sheer exhaustion—to count our smallest of blessings.

Yet for some, these times have posed even more challenges--and opportunities that will continue into 2021 and maybe indefinitely.

  • Imagine a personal trainer who, before 2020, was working out of a fitness facility, paying rent, paying fees to train their clients there. It was easy, but was it really?

  • Or a hair stylist or nail technician, whose salon has been closed by local mandate more than it has been open this year?

  • Consider an accountant, who has gone from seeing clients regularly in her office in the city, to doing several Zoom calls per day from the dining room table?

  • Lastly, how about placing your family member into an expensive senior care facility, potentially before they needed that level of care because your home wasn’t conducive to having them.

Well, we’re here to tell ya, that they (and you) are not alone. North America is filled with home-based (or newly home-based) businesses crying out for a space to conduct their work. What the people need, to coin a phrase, “is a way to make them smile” (and make money.) Consider, for this purpose, the humble ADU.

So, what the heck is an ADU?!


‘Accessory Dwelling Unit’ is a fancy sounding name to describe a secondary type of housing structure--picture a backyard home gym, artist studio, or therapy space. However, it’s a mouthful. Do we really need to convince you that using the shorthand “ADU” is better? Moving on...

For example, we see California paving the way for greater accessibility for ADUs. As a response to California’s housing crisis, the Legislature passed a number of housing laws that expand local regulation of ADUs. Since housing elements must now promote ADUs for affordable rent, and Homeowner Associations are now expanding past restrictions of ADUs, California is accelerating the ADU development and making these units available to the public. Cha-ching!

In addition, ADU’s can be used for the home-based businesses mentioned earlier. It’s now easier than ever to run your business literally from your own backyard. Consider the possibilities, from S.I. Container Builds...

Get the Massage?

Wendy is studying at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Registered Massage Therapist (and yes, she is as awesome as she sounds!) We wanted to know how our 20ft studio space would fit her professional needs in serving clients from home.

She says, “I love the idea that I can use it for anything I want, of course I would use it for my practice but outside my work it serves as a beautiful, tranquil space I can work in (or work out in) when I don't have the capacity to do so in my home. Not to mention, having a business space where clients don't feel obligated to go through my house is a bonus!”

Wendy’s testimonial really made our message feel real in the sense that our builds don’t hold an obligation to be used for one specific environment.

Our container spaces are meant to welcome the changes that life throws at us as years go by and accommodate your specific needs for alternative spaces.

Taking Care of Business

Let’s discuss how easy it can be to convert the same space into a different ambiance.

Without talking your ear off, here are a few other satisfied users utilizing our 10ft office space as a tranquil artist studio and a private yoga practice space: This is the same space!

Sam is a manager at a Global eCommerce company and has recently transitioned from commuting her office in downtown Toronto, to virtually leading her team form home.

She says: “Having the opportunity to separate work and home life is becoming increasingly important in the wake of permanent working from home situations. Having a space like this which is dedicated to work time would be so valuable for those who struggle to focus amidst the hustle and bustle of home. I would recommend this type of unit for anyone who wants to better segment their work from home lifestyle, in order to make this balance more sustainable in years to come.”

Work It Out

Being a personal trainer, with your own space, has never been easier. The S.I. Container Builds 20’ long or 40’ long studio is perfect for you and your clients to build a better body from your backyard. There is plenty of space for equipment--including treadmills and stair steppers because of our over nine-foot ceilings.

Ventilation is a breeze (literally) too, with plenty of windows--and the large shipping container doors able to open as well.

Amanda is a Child Development Specialist who doubles as a yoga enthusiast. Like many of us, she is passionate about self-restoration after work hours so that she can provide her clients with the best possible services. We asked her to name one thing she loved about her experience in our 10ft studio: “Privacy! Being new at yoga, the most difficult thing for me is closing out the rest of the world to focus on my own breath and body. This is especially difficult in a house with two other people, two cats and two dogs who think the only reason I would ever sit on the floor is to be trampled and licked by them!”


Wrapping Up

For all of these options, financing is available as well. You’ll be way ahead of the curve versus paying rent, because you’ll be paying off your OWN business space, with a commute that everyone will be jealous of!

Often times we forget that life isn’t all about business. Take some time to create a private, tranquil space for yourself. We won’t be the last people to lecture you on how important work-life balance is, but just in case we are: here’s some tips to reclaim control of your work-life balance.

Use our space for your practice, use our space for your relaxation, use our space for your business ventures, use our space and make it yours. Don’t wait to learn more about our sustainable accessory dwelling units and contact us today!


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