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Zoning & Permitting—YES, Shipping Containers Are Legit!

Updated: May 21

When it comes to shipping container homes, every county, city, and zone has different regulations.

Often, what you plan to build may be unfamiliar to your local zoning and planning commissions.

Here is useful information to help move your shipping container home project forward in county planning meetings.

  • Approval: Shipping containers have been approved for residential repurposing since 2018 in the International Residential Code

  • Safety & History: At S.I. Container Builds, we use only "one-trip" containers to ensure they haven't transported hazardous waste. In addition, each container has a CSC plate that records its manufacturing date and cargo history, ensuring transparency and safety

  • Lead-Free Paint: Since 2016, containers have not been painted with lead-based paint. The EPA stopped allowing lead paint in 2015, and containers are inspected globally to meet safety standards. S.I. Container Builds homes never have and never will have lead paint


We are here to help. If you have any questions about zoning and permitting, we have the answers!

Consider us a partner for helping you get your projects approved.

Contact us here for more information on how to build healthy, affordable shipping container homes.


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