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The Dilemma of Affordable Employee Housing in Vacation Destinations

Vacation destinations often conjure images of pristine beaches, majestic mountains, or bustling city centers teeming with tourists. However, behind the scenes, there's a lesser-known struggle that plagues these idyllic locations: the lack of affordable employee housing.

From ski resorts to beachside retreats, many of these destinations rely heavily on a workforce comprised of hospitality staff, service workers, and seasonal employees. Yet, finding suitable and affordable accommodation for these essential workers remains a persistent challenge.

One of the primary reasons for this housing crisis is the disparity between the wages earned by employees in the hospitality and service industries and the skyrocketing costs of living coupled with the lack of inventory in these popular vacation spots. As demand for tourist accommodation increases, so too does the price of rent and real estate, pushing housing costs beyond the means of many local workers.

Moreover, the seasonal nature of employment in these areas exacerbates the problem. As tourist seasons fluctuate, so does the demand for labor. This leads to cycles of employment where workers struggle to find stable housing during peak seasons and face unemployment or housing insecurity during off-peak times.

The consequences of this housing shortage extend beyond the personal struggles of individual employees. Businesses in vacation destinations face challenges in recruiting and retaining staff, which can impact the quality of service provided to tourists. In the small mountain town of Truckee, California, a local organic grocery store called the Tahoe Food Hub, has had to create incentives to keep their staff members. “We offer help with rents and discounts on food to retain our employees. In addition, we’re struggling to hire director positions due to the lack of housing in the surrounding area,” said Darilyn Kotzenberg, a member of the Board. High turnover rates and difficulties in filling positions can lead to decreased productivity and increased operational costs for businesses.

Local communities also feel the effects, as the lack of affordable housing for employees contributes to overall gentrification and displacement of long-term residents. Additionally, strained public services and infrastructure, such as transportation and healthcare, are often unable to keep up with the demands of both residents and tourists.

Addressing the issue of affordable employee housing in vacation destinations requires a multi-faceted approach. Local governments, businesses, and community organizations must collaborate to develop strategies that prioritize the needs of the workforce while maintaining the economic viability of the destination.

Investment in affordable housing initiatives, such as subsidized housing developments or incentives for employers to provide employee housing, can help alleviate some of the strain. Zoning regulations may need to be adjusted to allow for more diverse housing options, including employee housing developments or accessory dwelling units known as ADUs.

S.I. Container Builds has been working with resorts, government agencies, developers, and planners to bring solutions to this challenge. “We are able to collaboratively work with multiple players to bring sustainable, flexible, and cost effective solutions to this housing crisis.” said Rory Rubin, the Co-founder of S.I. Container Builds. “Our ability to provide safe, strong, and moveable homes right on their properties give our clients the flexibility to utilize these spaces seasonally as well.” For example, shipping container homes can be used as employee housing in the summer and winter, and then short terms rentals in the spring and fall. 

The lack of affordable employee housing in vacation destinations is a pressing issue that has a solution. It’s simply a matter of working with the planning commissions and policy makers to adjust the zoning and permitting to allow for this quick and beneficial option. By prioritizing the well-being of the workforce we can ensure that these beloved destinations remain vibrant and welcoming for both residents and visitors alike.

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