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Save Your Architect For Site Development!

We build to code with stamped architectural plans.

Attention Developers! We bring good, money-saving news: you don't need an architect to start building with container homes.

Let's walk through the process:.

  1. Decide you want to build with SICBS.

  2. Plan for a local general contractor helps with your site prep.

  3. Choose from our 12 container home models listed here.

  4. SICBS provides you with stamped architectural plans.

  5. Your local regulations approve the project.

  6. Bring in your design engineer to settle on a site development plan.

  7. & Everyone's happy!

* only exception: if you are building a commercial project (e.g., restaurants, cafes, drive-thru shops) you will need an architect to do your design plan before brining it to our builders!


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