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So, how do you build equity? Of course, your property's value will more than likely appreciate. The national average is 3% per year—but you must maintain your home to get the biggest bang for your buck. Proper maintenance techniques can extend the life of a container home to 50+ years to a lifetime!

  1. Paint. High-quality, rust proof, DTM paint must be used when it's time to refresh the outside of your container. S.I. Container Build shipping container homes come with the highest quality paint.

  2. Exterior Siding. S.I. Container Builds offers multiple siding options. Cladding, wood, vinyl, composite, or just paint. These extend the life of your container.

  3. Roof. Although unnecessary for small builds, you can consider adding a larger than the size of the container angled roof to shed water and snow. This can extend the life of your container by more than 90%. Solar panels or a roof deck can be added as well.

  4. Strong Foundation. The foundation can ensure that the container home is stable. There are many foundation choices depending on the size of your unit and location.

  5. Moving. In the event you need to move your home, use these options to minimize the risk of damage: • forklifts • crane

  6. Winterization. If you close up your unit for the winter, we provide several steps to close it for the season. You must drain holding tanks, place RV anti-freeze in plumbing lines, clean interior to avoid animal entry, and more. S.I. Container Build shipping container homes comes with a winterization checklist.

  7. Checking for Wear. One-trip shipping containers still need to be cleaned regularly and checked for things like rust or moisture, as these issues can eventually lead to costly repairs or compromise a container’s security and durability. We recommend doing a monthly inspection of your one-trip container as a preventative measure.

Proper maintenance for your S.I. shipping container home can extend its life 50+ years - sustainable living

One thing that makes S.I. Container Builds stand out from the rest is our commitment to you once you've purchased one of our container homes. We send you an Installation Checklist, a Maintenance Guide, and we're always available to help you for the life of your home.

Contact us at (866) 629-8251 for a free 15 minute consultation.


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