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How to Insure Your Shipping Container Home

Updated: Jan 11

Let's dive right in.

As the popularity of modular homes increases, insurance options are becoming more widely available. However, you must not consider a shipping container a ’standard home’ with ’standard insurance’.

To the insurance companies, it is not.

You will need to make sure your builder has Builders Risk Insurance. Of course, S.I. Container Builds does. This covers the off-site build as well as transport.

Make sure you have insurance every step of the way that avoids any gaps in coverage. If your builder does not cover the transit of your modular home, you can find an insurance company that specializes in this service like


Here are some of the insurance details you will have to figure out when you choose your provider:

  • Some insurers, such as Foremost, will only insure your tiny house if it is certified by the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH) or ICC NTA Modular Certification and is stationary. [SICBS is certified through NTA-ICC]

  • Strategic Insurance has policies for tiny houses that offer dwelling coverage up to $250,000, personal property coverage up to $25,000, contents theft coverage up to $3,000, liability coverage, and more

  • RV insurance is a good choice if your tiny house is on wheels and you plan to move around frequently, because it covers your home while it's parked and while you're traveling.

When shopping for tiny home insurance, it's important to research your details like your State, Zoning Laws, Tiny Home Details [mobile or stationery, size, etc], Budget, Separate Structures, Living Full Time or Part Time, will you be Renting out your tiny home?, etc and compare policies to find the one that best fits your needs.


Here are some insurance companies that cover tiny home where you can start your search:


Don’t forget to do your research and find out what others say about each of your insurance provider options.


Your credit score counts toward the amount your policy will cost. Make sure your credit score is as high as possible before you talk to any insurance companies. Based on your score, the prices may range as much as $500.00.


This tiny house podcast has good information about the myriad of details you must consider for modular home insurance Contact SICBS with any questions you may have about modular home insurance.

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