Sustainability, Conservation, Eco-friendliness, Green Efforts, Simple Living, Carbon Footprint—all concepts that are no longer new “buzz” terms.  They are here to stay and now define the future of most businesses. S.I. Container Builds aims to align our business practices with these efforts, work with you as apart of our family from pre-build to post-build... and most importantly, help structure a sustainable lifestyle built for your purpose.

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Each individual can make a difference. Understanding how to do this, be it through food, water, energy and/or building, is the first step.  This is why we have started off our mission by utilizing recycled shipping containers as the main component to our builds. Our builds are made to be easy, affordable, attractive solutions for sustainable living. We find it important to partner and collaborate with other like-minded businesses, and remain mindful that each little sustainable difference we make will impact the bigger picture every day.  We look forward to having you join this effort with us.  If you have a business or service that shares our commitment, please reach out to us directly.  Let's build!

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In conjunction with our values of giving back to the community, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. is committed to donating a percentage of your sale to a charity of your choice!

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