Additional Questions?

Why use a shipping container?
  • Recycled steel = sustainable structure = smaller footprint.

  • Made in standard sizes and with our choice layouts, your job is easy- decorate and move in.

  • Made from Corten steel = extremely strong and durable material. Also earthquake, fire, hurricane, sound & pest resistant.

How much does it cost?

 Our market research has helped us design base price points that are competitive. Each one of our base models will give you everything you need for the standard dwelling. We will also provide you with options to upgrade or make additions for aesthetics and creature comforts.

Are S.I. structures built to code?

 YES! S.I. Container Builds, Inc. builds our dwellings to the standards based in the International Building Codes. If your project has additional building requirements, we can provide you guidance to obtain all relevant information so that  you can ensure your home will be built to comply with all governing regulations in your area. 

Can I choose the color of my container?
  • We will source the actual container local to our warehouse to get you the best deal and eliminate any guess work on if the container is suitable for building (e.g. damage). 

  • You can have any color painted on the exterior that you may want, or you may just enjoy the color it comes in.

  • You may choose to leave the exterior of the container exposed or clad it in an element that matches your location e.g. stucco, siding, wood, etc.

Will my shipping container rust?

 NO!  Containers now are made of non-corrosive Corten steel and painted accordingly. This gives the overall structure a very high rust resistance.

Are S.I. builds insulated?
  • YES! S.I. Container Builds will build your home with the same regulations for insulation that a traditional structure would require within your area. 

  • We use a variety of materials to help you stay warm in the winter and/or cool in the summer, based on your climate.

How long will my build take?
  • The length of the build timeline will be based on the size and model package chosen for your custom dwelling, but will ultimately take less time than that of a traditional home build. 

  • Anywhere from three to six weeks!

Can I build anywhere in the US or Canada?

YES!  Our Containers can be placed on land anywhere from a structured pier foundation to directly on the ground! Once the container reaches your destination, the remaining detail work will be done to finish up your office, dwelling, or alternate structure.

Are there options available for financing?

YES! We are able to help connect you with resources for financing your project that best fit your budget.

How can I be sure my container will be safe from harm?

Although our dwellings are already built to be structurally sound against weather, shipping containers hold an additional element of being resistant against anything from extreme winds, to fire, to hurricanes.

How will my build be delivered to my property?

Your build will be transported via flatbed truck. Assuming you already have your land, you may need to prepare by grading your land and/or building a foundation for your build.  

Does S.I. have a warranty policy?

YES!  S.I. Container Builds offers a one-year warranty for all workmanship on our builds.  In addition, we will provide you with the manufacturers' warranties for any components installed (air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.).

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